We enable app developers and marketers to reach and engage users on mobile or desktop, even if you do not has app or a website . by using:
Smart DeepLink - Landing pages

Mobile Landing Pages

What is a Mobile landing page?

A landing page is a mobile web splash page, hosted by us, which is created with our online editor or from your app via API. The page includes a variety of mobile-ready call to action buttons, text, and images, allowing your audience to interact with your app from desktop or mobile, in new and creative ways.

Landing Page

Why do you use Mobile anding Pages?

For Marketers

Our user friendly builder allows you to create rich, dynamic, and engaging landing pages for your mobile marketing campaign. With using this tool, you can set up web pages with multiple buttons that act differently as per user device (iOS, android, desktop),also it's integrated with Web Push so you can send web push messages to your customer's mobiles /desktops, even if you do not has app or a website.

For App Developers

Let your users preview your app content, even from their desktop, before they install it. This indirect approach is less intimidating for visitors and allows potential users to preview the best of your app’s content instead of going directly to the App/Play Store download page.

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