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Appgain for E-commerce

Mobile marketing platform for customer acquisition , retention and engagement using omnichannel marketing tools, marketing links, and more!

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How Appgain Helps You With App E-commerce 

 customer engagement platform
All Your Tools In One Place
App Boost helps you set up an app marketing automation from one dashboard, therefore engaging your customers and boosting your revenue
 customer engagement platform
Omnichannel Communication
Reach your users anywhere with app marketing automation, wherever your customers reach them!
 customer engagement platform
Know What Happens In Your App!
Get data that is crucial from your app that helps you with your app marketing automation campaigns, know what your user did from the moment he opened your app!

75% of new users never open the app after the first week!
We RE-ENGAGE the Lost 75%!

 customer engagement platform

Reach Your Users on Every Marketing Channel

Reach your users anywhere, with omnichannel remarketing Doesn’t matter if your users are online or offline, reach your user via mobile marketing automation and send your message, add a call to action and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. Reach your users on:

  • Web/App Push Notifications
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Media
 customer engagement platform

Retarget Your Users on Their Favorite Social Media

Re-target your users on their favorite media channel, gain your user’ trust and attention by communicating with them through social media ads. retarget your users on any marketing channel with mobile marketing automation!
retargeting works on :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • SnapChat
  • Instagram

Automate Your Marketing Machine Today !

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Mobile Marketing Landing Pages

Multi-Purpose Landing Pages That Provide a lot of functions in compact mobile landing pages, to help marketers achieve more in their mobile marketing automation campaigns without much work!
some of the features in our landing pages:

  • Mobile Payment
  • Survey
  • Custom HTML Templates
  • Sharing YouTube Video
  • Sharing GIF’s
  • Including One or Multiple Images
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Important in-depth Analytics

Now view the most important KPIs for you as a retailer or food and beverages, to know how is your marketing campaigns successful, important analytics Like:

  • Ssles Growth
  • Orders Growth
  • New Customer Metrics
  • Loyal and Returning Customers
  • Average Customer LTV -Lifetime Value
  • Uninstall Tracking
 customer engagement platform

App Marketing Automation Campaigns 

Automate your marketing campaigns, personalize your automated campaigns and increase your engagement rates!

  • Automated Push Notifications
  • Automated SMS Campaigns
  • Automated Email

While also Implementing automation pressure protection to protect your users from getting spammed by your campaigns


 customer engagement platform
Retarget your customers, as soon as they open your links just once on all major social media
 customer engagement platform
Mobile Attribution
Know what is your users doing in your app from the moment he installs your application to the moment he exits
 customer engagement platform
Omnichannel Messaging
SMS, Email, App Push and Web Push simply a comprehensive mobile marketing automation tool
 customer engagement platform
Marketing Automation
Design automated marketing campaigns for entire mobile customer lifecycle, with Omnichannel messaging through push/web push /Email /SMS channels
 customer engagement platform
Mobile Landing Pages
Get Your App Content discovered by Google, shared on social media
 customer engagement platform
Mobile Deep Links
Short Link allows you to create a single link that sends the user to a specific page inside an app, even if the app was not installed when the user got the link
 customer engagement platform
Uninstall Tracking
Trace who remove the app and retarget them
 customer engagement platform
Rich user profile, user timeline, attribution analytics, and segmentation
 customer engagement platform
Video Push Notifications
Send your users video clips in their notification center and grab their attention