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Appgain for Retail

Engage your customers with automated marketing campaigns through our CRM Solution for Restaurants and Retailers

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Why Digital Transformation Now?

 customer engagement platform
All Your Tools In One Place
How to reach the customer on multi-channel, with tailored content and offers?
 customer engagement platform
In COVID-19 Era, the digital transformation is not luxury any more , its business life saving
 customer engagement platform
Selling to an existing customer is 2.5-4.5x better than trying to attract a new prospect.
 customer engagement platform

Digital Invoices

Digital invoices are crucial for any retail marketers, with digital invoices you build trust, engagement with your customers, while also saving yourself the cost of printing and the human errors because they’re automated!

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Allow retargeting customers
  • Customizable
 customer engagement platform

Re-engage with Your Customers Easily

Now you can re-engage with your customers anywhere thanks to our Omni Channel solution. Retarget users both online and offline with highly customized messages.
Reach Customer Via:

  • Web/App Push Notifications
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Media

Maximize Your Revenue Today!

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Retarget Your Customers On Social Platforms Easily

Retarget your customer on their favorite media channel, get your customers’ trust and attention by retargeting them through social media Advertising. Retargeting works on Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Snapchat – Instagram

 customer engagement platform

Important Customer Analytics

Track most important KPIs for you as a retailer or food and beverage, to know how is your marketing campaigns successful, important Know:

  • Sales growth
  • Orders growth
  • New customer metrics
  • Loyal and returning customers
  • Average customer LTV -Lifetime Value
 customer engagement platform

Easily Integratable With POS Machines

Integrate Our Platform With Any Point Of Sale Machine For A Smoother Workflow And Data Storage.


 customer engagement platform
Retarget your customers, as soon as they open your links just once on all major social media
 customer engagement platform
Digital Invoices
Send your users automated digital invoice with all the details they need
 customer engagement platform
Web Push Notification
Reach and Retarget your customers via Web Push, without a mobile app!
 customer engagement platform
Customer Analytics
Visualize the customer journey, know who are your loyal customers and who didn’t buy for a while
 customer engagement platform
Marketing Automation
Customer-Based Marketing automation, using SMS, Push ,Whats App and Email
 customer engagement platform
Retarget your customers with SMS