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Omni Channel Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation helps your achieve more with your campaigns without doing any extra effort, like a CRM marketing automation Tool, Here’s what Appgain’s Automation could do for you

  • Automated omni channel messaging
  • Personalization
  • Analytics: detailed analytics  for each user automation event
  • iOS and Android SDK: easily integrate it with your app
  • Automation Scheduler

Marketing Pressure Protection

Marketing Pressure Protection ensures that you’re not spamming your users with notifications, SMS, and other communication channels, there is a way that Marketing Pressure Protection helps protect your marketing campaigns

  • To limit messages across all outreach channels
  • To limit messages in a single channel
  • To limit messages in a single channel AND across all channels simultaneously

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Retarget Your Users on Their Favorite Social Media

Re-target your users on their favorite media channel, gain your user’s trust and attention by communicating with them through social media ads. retarget your users on any marketing channel with mobile marketing automation!
retargeting works on :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • SnapChat
  • Instagram
 customer engagement platform

Reach Your Users on Every Marketing Channel

Reach your users anywhere, with omnichannel remarketing Doesn’t matter if your users are online or offline, reach your user via mobile marketing automation and send your message, add a call to action and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. Reach your users on:

  • Web/App Push Notifications
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Media



deliver automated personalized one2one campaigns.


message the user on multi channel on different  grace periods for each channel for better conversion.


detailed analytics for each user automation event.

Automation Scheduler

schedule bulk automation actions directly from the dashboard with zero coding.